Yakupov is the new Daigle, here is the proof


Many of you are thinking, Yakupov is not Daigle, how could he be a bust after two seasons? All you have to do is compare him with the previous first overalls, MacKinnon, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Tavares, Stamkos, Kane, etc. Yak is not even close in goals, assists, or any other significant stats category and then look at Daigle’s.

When you have the first over all pick, you better pick the best available player, shouldn’t you? Even if you do not have a need for that position, skill trumps need every time. It appears that of the 2012 draft the best player available is Tomas Hertl, He is nearly a point a game guy with SJ, while Yak is 0.5 points a game at best. At least Daigle was a 0.67 a game in his first two seasons.

The funny thing is, the Flames could have had Hertl all to themselves, instead they got Jankowski and Sieloff. Somehow two for one does not seem such a great deal after all.

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  1. Bullshit. Only thing in common is #1 pick. People should stop KHL crap too. HE’S RUSSIAN! omg. Makes him a soft/commie/selfish prick? He’s gunna leave us first chance he gets? Makes sense seeing as he came to North America to play junior. Cut the shit people, Edmonton needs to stop treating their players like garbage. Only players we seem to give any love to are absolute plugs like Smyth or Smid. What free agent is ever going to want to play here and put up with the fan base?

  2. Nchl, I understand #1 pick is reserved for the best players absolutely, what I’m asking you is do you believe in the system of developing a player? Detroit chose 20th in the first round in 2013 and picked Anthony Mantha. He is KILLING IT in the Q. Has 85 points in 39 games. Should he play for the red wings? Nope. Not ready yet. Yak is not ready yet either. See where I’m going with this? Btw +/- is a useless stat.

  3. Ru saying a player like rick nash isn’t elite cuz he has hardly been a point per game player in his career. Yet he IS an elite player in the league. Your argument is invalid my good sir.

  4. Nchl mod. Ru smoking crack? Referring to my previous post, AGAIN. Yak has 30 points in 50 games which is impressive numbers for any kid his age. Is a -29, not -35 and if he wasn’t on a team as awful deffensively as the oilers his plus minus wouldn’t be so bad. Besides that plus minus is a stupid stat and is often misleading. I think what everyone on here is trying to get at with their comparisons, if they’re a 1st overall or not is that plus minus doesn’t speak on the quality of player. Yak just like all young players in the league needs to round out his game deffensively, but he has 40 goal scorer written all over him. Don’t be a biased flames fan. I have no like for the oilers at all but as a hockey fan its easy to tell yakupov will be a great player.

  5. David Ottosen, have you seen him play out there? He gives the puck away like its nobody’s business, he does not win puck battles and is soft in the corners. Sometimes it’s like it is 5 on 4 for the other team, so no wonder when he is out there the Oilers get scored on. Why do you think he was benched before? Why does he play almost 3rd line minutes? You can’t put him out there, he will cost you a goal.

  6. Derek all those players are not true number one picks. They are decent, but less than a point a game, there are truly elite players and just elite players, number one should be reserved for the truly elite. Daigle had better stats than Yak in the first 5 seasons. Just watch, Yak will fizzle out even more and then go back to the KHL, just ask Yashin ;)

  7. Sam in comparison Stamkos had great two seasons. He is a pure goal scorer, first season as a rookie 23 goals, more than half the players in the NHL do not score that much, year two a point a game guy on a bad team and 51 goals to boot. So lets stick to the facts shall we?

  8. Yak’s bad +- is a function of terrible 5v5 save % when he’s on the ice. This article is truly terrible and shows no understanding of hockey statistics or evaluation.

  9. You need to respect the process. And the process is first AHL – grow, learn, practice and be patient. Then when it’s your time you’ll be called upon. Did any of the oilers do this?

  10. NCHL what do you think a prospect is? Do you think draft picks are prospects? Why do you assume that since he was drafted that he is entitled to be a top player in the league?

  11. True, however not doing anything out there and being a huge minus gives you a good indication of what you have. First overall picks are supposed to contribute to your club, Yak should be in the minors based on his performance. Learn how to play properly a step down then come back.

  12. A. Sakic was not 1st overall (15th) and B. he was a point a game guy on the Nordiques, also a very bad team at the time. If Daigle was a point a game guy, Ottawa would have kept him. Huberdeau was number 3 pick in 2011, not first overall and yeah he would be a good third line Center, definitely not first line material.

  13. The oilers have no farm team system. How can you expect a 18-20 year old kid to play with the big boys and not have a rough go? All of the oilers top picks have this issue, where the never truly get to develop in the minors. If you put yak in the AHL for awhile he might grow.

  14. Yak has 30 points in 50 games which is decent and is -29. Not -35. If he was on a team not as awful as the oilers his +- would be better.. plus minus is a joke of a stat anyways

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