8 thoughts on “WTF? An American had to of wrote this… Who doesn’t want all year round hockey instead of baseball?”

  1. I am willing to bet that this guy Chris Chase is a huge fan of college football. Want to talk about a farce. This is a sporting entity that deliberately sets its schedule in all of its conferences throughout the country whereby all the best teams play a majority of its games against teams that shouldn’t even be on the field with them with the exception of a few games each year, then get ranked by a computer as to who is the best, and thus determine the best possible matchups for their bowl games.whats the object to all of this?, MONEY, of which none of goes to the players who help sell the game in the first place. The only point this author failed to mention is that the winner of this hockey event or any other olympic event is actually a WORLD Champion, at least the NHL only crowns its winner as The Stanely Cup Champions. NFL world champs, please, MLB, right.., NBA, dont think so.

  2. this article is nothing more then a troll against every hockey fan out there. every game is not an alll-star game in the Olympics. half the teams barley have NHL talent on them. there is four maybe five international teams that you could consider calling “ALL-STAR”, and to further this point the NHL is much more balanced when it comes to skill. look at how many truly skilled players were left behind and don’t compete in the Olympics. goes to show there is more talent there then in the Olympics. oh and BTW every single televised sport on the planet has commercials and special games like those played in stadiums. As far as the season goes that feel like they take years look at MLB, almost 200 games. Know what your talking about before you go trashing other peoples past times!

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