There’s Still Hope For You: 43 Year Old Laurie To Make 3rd NHL Appearance

Often you hear players talk about “defining” themselves and “carving a niche” that makes them an important player. You know, filling a “role.” Well, Rob Laurie may be the best at this. He’s become the NHL’s go-to emergency backup goaltender as he’ll play for the Minnesota Wild.

Story courtesy of Talking Baws

For the third time in his career and second time this season the Anaheim-based goaltender will suit up for an NHL team. First, it was for the Vancouver Canucks. Now, the Minnesota Wild.

Darcy Kuemper was hurt during the morning skate and later ruled out of action. This forced the Wild to sign the 43-year-old Laurie, formerly of the ECHL and a single appearance in the AHL. Laurie is also an experience roller-hockey goalie from his time spent playing for the Bullfrogs during the mid-90′s.

Must be pretty nice to become “the guy” for any team needing an emergency goalie in the entire state of California. He’s now dressed for Anaheim, Vancouver, and Minnesota. All while over the age of 42.



Maybe one day I can be signed as an emergency player. I hereby vow to never let go of the dream ’till death takes me.

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  1. Just goes to show never give up what you got. Real happy for this guy for living his dream and having hope and confidence in himself and his dreams. Good on him

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