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How Things Have Changed: NHL Uniforms in 1999

Fifteen years ago was a long time ago. Think about it. Probably a lot of the stuff you thought was cool isn’t anymore (kick scooters), but hey some of it probably still is (Lego, Pokemon, Backstreet Boys). This applies to fashion too. Remember the 90‘s fashion? Especially late 90s when everything had to be shiny or gaudy? Well the NHL was no different.

It used to look ugly. Really ugly, but some of it has come back to look pretty good. Actually it looked good. Nope ugly. Dive in.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde


We start in Anaheim, where they were very 90s.

Just look at those colours. Teal and eggplant. It looked tacky at the time, but honestly, the look as aged quite well which seems to be the case of most old uniforms. Maybe its my Mighty Ducks movies nostalgia.

“Rabble rabble rabble GET RID OF THAT OLD STUFF! ITS TIME TO MOVE ON! WE NEED A NEW LOOK! rabble rabble rabble”

Then you get new looks, and they usually suck but you buy it and defend it because of team allegiance. But 10 years later people are clamouring for the classic look. And this one was no different.

In fact Anaheim brought it back and the team hasn’t looked so good in the last 8 years. Gone was a 90% black uniform and in came something that really popped. In a league full of boring black and navy uniforms, this was a welcome change.

You’re welcome to bring these back full-time at any moment, Anaheim.


Next we stop in Boston where, uh, they wore… this.


Really Boston? Who approved this? Who approved putting one of the greatest defencemen of all time in this? Are you kidding me?

“The hot new trend is a third sweater these days! Let’s make one bright yellow and put Smokey the Bear on it! It’ll sell like hotcakes and look great!”

Awful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last terrible yellow uniform we’ve seen.

Still, woof. I get Anaheim. That was 1995.

But this? It looks like one of those hilarious minor league sweaters worn on fundraising nights for local charities.

“Come on out to the Garden to support our local boy scouts raise funds for wildfire awareness!”

Luckily for your eyes, the Buffalo Sabres actually were wearing a pretty decent uniform in 1999.


Not bad. And I would probably like it more if half of the Minor Hockey Associations across British Columbia didn’t feel the need to switch to this design. It’s probably the second best uniform set in franchise history, trailing only behind the classic 1970′s look.

Plus, this sweater accompanied Buffalo’s only trip the Stanley Cup Finals where… oh right. This happened.


Would you look at that. What a travesty. And of course I’m talking about the Dallas Stars ever ditching those classic green star uniforms.


Damn. That looks good. Oh so good. And so unique. The Stars used to be the only team in the entire league to wear green in their uniform. No idea why. Green is a great sweater colour.

And look at that design. They are called the Stars, and their uniforms were star designed. And it worked. Good job marketing and design teams!

Similar to the Buffalo Sabres, this was the only sweater that ever got the Stars into the Stanley Cup Finals, and they won. Then the franchise struck futility for years wearing boring black uniforms.

But times are good right now, and its no coincidence its because they’re mean in green again.

Curious of another NHL team that seemed to hate the idea of colour in their uniforms? Why the Los Angeles Kings are they!

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Lock In Your Bets: Is “Cup Crazy” The NHL’s Attempt at March Madness?

Coming out of the 2012-2013 NHL Lockout, the league implemented a variety of changes. Things like boring salary cap and revenue stuff, uniform regulations, and increased injury protocols. But the biggest change was that to the conference and division alignment, as well as the playoff system that would take effect in the 2013-14 season. That is, the move to a bracket system.

While there was never anything wrong with playoff hockey before, it was still pretty complicated with reseedings and whatnot. Ever try to run an office pool? Pretty well lasts 2 weeks of the first round and everyone is toast. But now things are different and lot like March Madness, but you get to start at the Sweet 16.

Teams stay in their division until the conference finals to build rivalries! Which is fair. The best rivalries in the league come from the playoffs: San Jose – Los Angeles, Chicago – Vancouver, Boston – Montreal, Philadelphia – Pittsburgh.

This change had primarily been overlooked. Mainly because it wasn’t yet totally relevant as it took over a year to really take effect.

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Bringing Home Hardware: NHL Awards Predictions

The NHL season is over. This is great news. For fans of good teams, its playoff time. For fans of bad teams, yay draft! Prospects! But more importantly, it is awards season! I love awards season and predictions and voting time!

Where else will you find dumb media guys openly admitting they’re dumb by casting dumb votes because the second pairing defenceman on your favourite team is easily a Norris contender and the rookie who played 35 games is a total Calder candidate.

So why not speculate on who’s a favourite and who I think will win?

(I should note, I’m saying who I think will win, not who I’d pick. Also, read this if you enjoy funny)

VEZINA – Awarded to the league’s top goaltender

Contenders: Semyon Varlamov, Ben Bishop, Tuuka Rask

Other names: Carey Price, Ryan Miller, Jimmy Howard

Mid-season pick: Josh Harding

Its been a weird year for goaltending in the NHL.  Your regular contenders spent most of the year hurt or playing poorly to honestly have their names in the conversation like Quick, Lundqvist, and Rinne. Poor Josh Harding was playing terrific before having his season derailed by medical complications.

Rask is pretty well king of the castle at this point. He’s a terrific goaltender and plays on a defensive juggernaut of a team and will be in the Vezina discussion until the Bruins stop being good.

Bishop wass key to the Lightning’s comfortable playoff position despite some key injuries to Stamkos and Hedman, as well as the departure of crybaby Martin St. Boohooius St.Louis.

Varlamov has been unbelievable for the Avalanche this season posting save percentage at the top of the league on a team that gives up a whole lot of shots. He’ll finish the season with the most total saves on the year and have basically set new personal highs in everything.

Price and Howard will both be up there. Price is terrific, but I just don’t know if he’ll get the votes. Howard would be higher up if not for his time missed with injury considering Detroit’s status as a skating infirmary.

Winner: Tuuka Rask

Tuukka Rask

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