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For the Ladies: Top 10 Hottest NHL Players

I can’t be the only female playing in the NCHL or the only female reading The Hockey Feed, so here’s a little treat for the female audience. Normally I’m not one for making these sort of lists since I love hockey for the sport, not the players but if men can gawk over the hottest female athletes then us women have full rights to the male athletes. Last month a post was published on the 25 Hottest Chicks in the Sochi Olympics and this month I’ve compiled my own list of the 10 hottest players in the NHL:

10: Andrew Ference


Mhmmm. Not only is this guy a total hunk, he’s also super into saving the environment and making the whole world physically fit with the November Project. What more could one ask for?

9: Jonathan Toews


There’s just something about the “baby-face” that J. Toews rocks…

8: Jordan Eberle


Maybe it’s the appeal of the sexy gap in his front teeth but Ebs is definitely top ten material.

7: Erik Karlsson


Karlsson’s epic flow matched with his charmingly good looks locks him into the seventh spot.

6: Joffrey Lupul 


This guy’s intriguing light eyes give him a spot in the top ten, not to mention he’s a hometown Fort Sask boy.

5: Patrick Sharp


Sharp is like the Tom Cruise of the NHL. Maybe after he’s done with the Blackhawks he’ll have a career as a movie star. And look at that smile, those pearly whites are rare in the NHL.

4: Henrik Zetterberg


There’s just something about the bearded manly-man look that places this guy at number 4.

3: Taylor Pyatt


Those baby blues just make a girl go wild… need I say more?

2: Sidney Crosby


Ahh Canada’s golden boy. You can’t have a hottest NHL list without Sid the Kid, though he’s not much of a kid anymore. Not only is he one of the greatest hockey players in the world, but this small town Nova Scotia boy has grown into quite the good lookin’ young man.

1: Henrik Lundqvist


I may be biased because I’m a goalie, but Lundqvist  takes the cake by a long shot. The guy could end his hockey career at any time and have a full-blown career as a male model. The bonus part of him being a goalie? His ridiculous good looks will never be ruined by pucks and sticks.