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GIF: Partially Blind Soccer Fan Offers Linesman His Stick After Blown Offside Call

This soccer fan obviously has a good sense of humour.

Makes me wish we could see better interactions like this between hockey fans and officials!

Which reminds me of Kamloops Blazers mascot Digger and how when the ref would make a bad call, he would walk up to the glass with his mascot head turned backwards and flail is arms about.

The fan appears to be partially blind but, after the linesman makes the wrong offside call during Everton‘s 3-1 win at Craven Cottage, he sarcastically offers his walking stick to the official.

The linesman obviously doesn’t take him up on the offer but at least he sees the funny side of it.

Story courtesy of Talking Baws


Hilarious Reaction When Kiss Cam Lands On Him And His Sister

The infamous kiss cam, you either love it or hate it.

There are those who become completely embarrassed at the thought of showing affection in public whilst others may be sitting next to someone who they don’t want to lock lips with.

And things got slightly embarrassing for one Minnesota Gophers fan at the weekend when the camera landed on him and his … “acquaintance”.

See the video at TalkingBaws.com