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No one wants to be “That Guy” – Rec league player convivted of aggravated assault for collision on ice

Unfortunately they exist and an Ottawa court has just convicted Gordon MacIsaac for a collision he had with another player on the ice back in 2012. The fine – $5000 and an 18 month ban. The “collision” was ruled a “deliberate blindside hit” on Drew Casterton.


This from the National Post : “Jonathan Desjardins, a referee at the game, testified that both Mr. Casterton and MacIsaac were rushing toward the puck behind the net when the collision happened.

“What I saw, clearly saw, is (MacIsaac) jumped off the ice,” Mr. Desjardins testified. “His skates left the ice, arms in the high position, making contact with the victim.”

Mr. Desjardins testified that three players from Mr. Casterton’s team skated over to where the referee was helping the victim. The players told the referee that MacIsaac skated in front of the other team’s bench and said he got Mr. Casterton back for an earlier hit.”

I don’t think this incident will push people away from participating and playing rec hockey, but it might stop “That Guy” from playing irresponsibly or playing  like the scouts are watching.

Have you ever played against someone that played a little too hard in a rec league?