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Canucks break the hearts of 300 minor hockey players?

Looks like the Canucks ran a contest to give free Heritage Classic tickets to some minor hockey players in the Vancouver area. They offered the contest to 1100 players and 300 signed up. When the 300 signed up instead of getting a contest confirmation email they got a “Hey! You Won” email. Now the Canucks are telling these kids they didn’t win. WTF?  Isnt this thing supposed to be first heritage classic game not sold out? Poor form Canucks !

Update: The kids will now get the tickets

See story here 


Burrows is at it again? Hair Pulling?

Burrows is infamously known for biting and eye gouging while playing hockey. I guess he is also known for diving and being, in general,  an embarrassing Canuck player ( sorry personal opinion). However this time, pulling Phil Kessel’s hair during a scrum in todays game vs the Leafs. When will this guy be suspended for this BS? Doesn’t anyone else have a problem with how Burrows plays?