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Can Iggy get 30 goals this season? BUMP HE DID IT!!!!

Iggy hit 30 goals tonight. Thats 12 x 30 goal seasons. Congrats IGGY!

As a Flames fan it is still hard to watch Jarome Iginla don another team’s jersey. Yes I am excited that the youngsters are getting to play in Calgary but it’s almost like when your childhood hero retires (in my case Chipper Jones). It just makes you feel sad and old ( maybe old is the wrong word) because of all the time and memories you had watching a franchise player but now he’s gone. Nonetheless , Iggy has started his patented spring heat up in Boston and is on pace (ish) to get to that 30 goal mark again. He has 11 straight 30 goal seasons ( not counting the lock out season)  Can he do it?  He is 10 goals away. As a Flames fan I’m rooting for him. IGGY IGGY IGGY!