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Referee Seems Pretty Drunk; Spins In Circles; Dances

Being an official in any sport isn’t easy. You don’t have any friends. Both teams hate you. Fans make fun of you. You’re the go-to scapegoat. In hockey, the rink is cold because ice. So it’s understandable that you’d relax with a few beverages.

This referee however, looks like he hit the bottle a little early. As in before, and possibly during the game, early.

Check the video over at Talking Baws

Here are some GIF highlights. (They aren’t loading properly for some reason. Click them for the full GIF experience)

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Hockey Players Pretend To Fight; Decide To Hug And Drink Beer On The Ice Instead

Whether it should be legal or not, fighting is a part of hockey. Two guys square up to punch each other in the face for the reason of “because” usually. However, two players in the FHL took the the purpose of fighting to a whole new level when instead of punching, they hug and drink beer together on the ice.

Check the video and a story at TalkingBaws.com


Valentine’s gift idea for your hockey nut, significant other


Less than one month away from Valentine’s, what are you planning to gift, your hockey obsessed,  significant other? Why not Fred’s hopsidedown beer glasses?

This is a gift that keeps on giving during the playoff season too and for only 27.95 how can you go wrong ;)?

Find them at amazon and be a beer hero’s hero this February!

(Disclaimer, this post is just for fun, we do not get a commission from Amazon or Fred’s, we just think this is a cool glass)