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Top 10 Tuesday: Best Hockey Pranks (April Fools Edition)

Happy April Fool’s day everyone! Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is dedicated to the best hockey pranks to pull on your teammates for April Fools (or any other day of the year). I apologize in advance to the victims of these pranks.

10.  Twist the top off your teammate’s water bottle most of the way so that when they go to take a swig of water the top completely comes off and they get a nice little bath on the bench.

9. Mess around with your teammate’s car after they’ve pulled up to the rink and are inside. This can range from saran-wrapping their car, or filling it with the styrofoam used for packing.

8. Put some A535 in your teammate’s gloves or any other piece of equipment that directly touches their skin. Observe as they take off their gloves and try to figure out why their hands are hot and tingly. You can put it on their jock if you’re feeling particularly brave.

7. Take the plug out of your teammate’s stick and throw some coins into the stick, put the plug back in and re-tape the stick. Watch as your teammate struggles to figure out what the racket in his stick is. If you’re feeling particularly scheme-ish you can fill the stick with water so it weighs a ton when he or she picks it up.

6. Throw a funny sticker on the side of your teammate’s helmet. He or she will be getting chirped and have no idea why.

5. Spray some whipping cream (or shaving cream) in the bottom of your teammate’s skates so they’re in for a nice surprise when they put their foot in to lace ‘em up.

4. Throw some glitter in your teammate’s bag. Nothing sticks to everything like glitter, plus it’s almost impossible to get off.

3.  This one is best suited for practice, unless you’re looking to make someone late for a game or not play at all. Cut your teammate’s laces up the middle of the skate, but not all the way through! Make sure you leave it so that just a few of the threads are attached so your teammate doesn’t notice anything suspicious until they start to tighten their laces and they begin snapping.

2. The good ol’ sock tape on the bottom of the skate. Slap it on the bottom of your teammate’s skate blade when they’re not looking and if everything goes as planned they won’t notice until they hit the ice… literally.

1. This is beer league hockey, right? Swap out some of your teammates’ water for beer or spike it with vodka and watch as they take their first drink.