NHL Announces All Star Game Roster; Who Got Snubbed?

The NHL announced the full list of players that have been selected to the NHL All Star Game this January in glorious Columbus, Ohio (which actually has a pretty killer downtown near the arena. If you ever, for some reason, find yourself going through Columbus spend an evening there).

Due to the rule that “every team must be represented” we have a few picks out of left field. And we have a few others that are out of right field as well.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde
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Sure enough some players, especially older ones, are likely to come down with a mysterious injury over that weekend, so lets just pick apart who is up for the player fantasy draft as it stands now.

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I find the fan vote to be a bit of a screwover on these things as a number of more deserving players get left out. I feel like the NHL should cap it at the top two fan voted players per franchise are eligible. That would’ve let Toews and Kane in, but left spots open on defence and in net for other players to get in. Off the top of my head, those spots could have gone towards P.K. Subban, Erik Karlsson and Henrik Lundqvist.


As for other surprises, Ryan is a bit of a surprise considering his season this year. But he is the highest scoring forward on Ottawa with 12 goals and 28 points. Vrbata is another name that is a bit of a shocker considering he’s probably the 4th most deserving Canuck forward to be named to the team behind Henrik and Daniel Sedin and Alex Edler.

Foligno is having a heck of a season, but it is still weird to see his name in that group of stars. But good for him and since the game is in Columbus, he’ll be a nice “home town” pick.

On defence, Shattenkirk caught me off guard, then I saw he has 37 points on the season to lead all blueliners. Brent Burns hit me the same way, but then I saw 34 points on the season.

Bobrovsky is a bit of a surprise when you see his pedestrian stats on the year. Then again, he’s been pretty lights out since December and its in Columbus, so home town pick again.


There are some obvious omissions off the top of my head that include Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg of Detroit, Joe Thornton of San Jose, and Sedins of Vancouver. However, when I took a second to pause and think it over, I realized that all these players were 33-35 years old and probably wanted a few extra days off so they politely declined before the announcement.

I feel the same thing led to Jaromir Jagr not getting a spot and the barely younger Elias getting into the game for him.

Joe Pavelski leads the Sharks in goals this year with 21, and only four players have more goals than him this season.

After that it came to the lack of Subban and Karlsson for me. They’re both top scorers with huge talent and the kind of personalities and playstyles that fit perfectly into the All Star weekend. I’m assuming the amount of time missed to injury keeps Victor Hedman from attending.

Nicklas Backstrom, Washington, was another player left out who has been having a great season with 41 points in 41 games so far.

The argument could be made for Marc-Andre Fleury of the Penguins as he’s boasting a .926 SP with a 2.16 GAA on the season which has him in the Vezina conversation through the midway.

Other thoughts and an excuse to use this picture

I was a little surprised to see Jonathan Drouin named as a rookie member considering he hasn’t blown the doors off like some expected, but it appears they’ve selected the top 6 scoring rookies. After him it was players like Linden Vey up for selection.

However, there is usually 4-5 players that are added between now and the game for legitimate injuries and “oh no I’m hurt and need to go see a specialist in Cabo” so there is plenty of time for internet outrage!

What do you guys think of the rosters? Good? Bad? Who cares because the uniforms are awesome? Who cares because the uniforms are terrible? Let me know!

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