Is This What Broke Feaster’s Back?


”I’ve just seen the guy who’s going to be – 10 years from now – he’s going to be talked about as the best player in this draft.”  said former Flames GM, Jay  Feaster

‘He’s Joe Nieuwendyk.’ according to Weisbrod (also let go as a package, with Feaster)

Looks like going off the map was a “bit” of a bust. Therefore, the price was paid by the two guys that publicly wore the decision to do so.

Will Jankowski make the Flames in the next 10 years, what do you think?


12 thoughts on “Is This What Broke Feaster’s Back?”

  1. Ok nchl, it really doesn’t matter where your picked in the draft. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were both extremely late pics and they are incredible. However sizing up a player basically calling it a mistake is just down right terrible. It’s gossip and really not needed. If your asking if it was a bad choice, well we won’t know until he has a few years under his belt in the NHL.

  2. Or perhaps as the flames are the home team, the are the subject of discussion. .. ever read Toronto hockey news or new York hockey news… the players and coaches are held over the fire on a reg… asking questions is not a bad thing… imo.

  3. Whoever is posting from NCHL seems to have a serious anti-flame bias. It isn’t clear yet what Jankowski might become but it is pretty damn clear that he would have been taken in the early second round if not taken by the Flames. He certainly wasn’t destined for 6th round. Feasters departure probably had a lot more to do with his approach compared with Burke. Its pretty simple.

    1. So in your estimation does he make any team in the NHL, ever? Secondly, when you waste first round picks working for a team that is very thin and fragile when it comes to drafting and developing … it is not that far fetched that you would get the boot …

  4. Really? isn’t a bit premature to suggest that this pick, which was known to be a long term project, is a bust? If Jankowski comes out two years from now and lights the league on fire, will you be printing a retraction?

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