Here We Go…!

I live in Edmonton, Alberta; home of the Oilers, so it’s a natural fit to have some hockey observations. There are an awful lot of things to talk about with this team, and I speak about it with anyone who will listen. I LOVE researching and learning about this team, it’s players, and it’s staff, (including off-ice stories, which are equally fascinating). I don’t do ‘stats’ or Corsi. I do observational commentary and analysis from player’s untimely falls, and coaches reactions to the game. I am a big fan of John Tortorella; he is everything I aspire to be in a person, and the most entertaining to watch.

I have a keen awareness of the game, with insight from being a former professional figure skater/coach.

Living in Edmonton provides a vast opportunity of hockey chatter. Sub-par play,questionable management hiring and firing, and a long ‘rebuild’ phase, the Oilers are just too easy to make fun of. A virtual ‘stage’ in fact.

A ‘stage’ I personally experienced while doing stand up comedy in this town. You cannot make fun of the Oilers in Edmonton without receiving 500 nasty emails explaining how we are in a ‘rebuild’, we have to be ‘patient’, and we have a ‘good young team’ that I should be more supportive of. At a recent show, a group of women were enjoying the show, until the Oiler jokes… In my defence, how was I supposed to know they were ‘Oiler wives’? Yes, they were all wearing Oiler jerseys, but I just thought that particular table had a really good sense of humour. Lesson learned.

I love our team. I see their potential. I am looking forward to the new arena and (maybe) someday a playoff run again. Until then, I will continue to find humour in the situation in my writing and social media, but I will hang up the Oiler chat
on stage, (just in case). I look forward to writing and chatting with all of you here!

Thanks for having me aboard!

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