Hemsky claims young Oilers need to step up

What’s wrong with the Oilers? This is probably one of the most popular questions surrounding the team and Ales Hemsky chose to answer it today. The new Senator’s forward claimed the Oilers young players need to step up and lead the team to more success.

You can read the details of the interview and Hemsky’s comments here.

The media and Oiler’s fans are having a hay day with this one. Some see this as a case of the pot calling the kettle black, claiming Hemsky never stepped up himself and others think he’s pinpointed the Oiler’s problem.

Whether or not Hemsky is correct in placing the blame on the young guns, the Oilers are still awful. It doesn’t matter how many people claim to have the “solutions” to the Oiler’s woes, they mean nothing until the Oilers start winning hockey games.

The only thing we all know for sure about the Oilers is that everyone — fans and players — are sick of losing. But they can’t stay this way forever, right?



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