Everything Wrong With The “Young Guns” Idea In The NHL World Cup

So the NHL has decided to announce plans for the NHL World Cup that will happen every four years in September starting in 2016. This is their answer to soccer’s FIFA World Cup.

Credit where credit is due, it is a pretty neat concept overall. The more top-notch hockey played the more better for growing the sport. I’m far less traditional than a lot of people when it comes to ideas and having fun with the sport.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

But I hate the Young Guns team, or the Under-23 Young NHL Stars of North America team. Or the YUNG GUNZ or whatever.

It just reeks of NHL gimmickiness. Like remember the guardians? Or the Fox glow puck?

To start, I dread the uniform design. I’m a uniform junkie. I love when they look spiffy and traditional. But I see the NHL going “All Star” for this. Neon green and purple? Teal and orange? Glow paint splash rave style? Gotta be young and hip! Rad stuff dude.

Then there comes the roster. I put this together, rather unofficially as I could not find a reliable complete resource for U-21 NHL players, as the current players that will still be eligible come the start of the tournament in 2016.

Young Guns
Galchenyuk MacKinnon Gaudreau
Drouin Strome Monahan
Huberdeau Horvat Wilson
Ekblad Reilly NONE
Trouba Jones NONE
Hamilton NONE  

Granted if it were to be this year, players like Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Ryan Johansen, Nick Bjugstad and Jacob Trouba would be eligible to help fill it out, among a collection of other mediocre NHL talents that form a “huh?” of bit part players. Heaven forbid any of the small pool of players is rehabilitating and injury of the summer and has to withdraw.

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