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NHL Announces World Cup; What Is It?

This morning the NHL announced the long anticipated sort-of revival type thing for the Canada Cup/World Cup. Or I think that is the intention. I don’t really know because no one knows. Not even sure if the guys at the NHL office know. Formatting details are relatively sparse.

What I do know is that the NHL expects to pocket $100 million on the downside with an upside of closer to $150 million.

Basically this is what they plan to do in non-Olympic years, starting in 2016.

  • 8 team tournament every September: Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, USA, Czech Republic, European All Stars, Team North American Young Stars
  • Round robin tournament that ends in a playoff bracket
  • Yes I said “Young Stars”
  • Three game final to determine the winner
  • I’m not kidding, “Young Stars” is real

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde
As originally seen on Talking Baws

There are four big issues that people seem to be up in arms about.

  1. That this is more hockey. Weird right? Well it comes down to making the NHL season even longer than it is, in a round-a-bout way. This is three extra weeks of wear and tear on the NHL’s top players. What I’d honestly love to see is this shortening the NHL season by about 2-3 weeks. Bring it down to 76 games, and cut exhibition in half. Players already seem to fight cases of burnout come March.
  2. That this is the NHL’s way of replacing the Olympics. This is what the primary motivation behind this is according to many people that know the big-wigs up top. Puke. Its pretty well known that the NHL hates the IIHF. So screw the World Championship I guess, but the Olympics is the greatest celebration of athleticism on earth. You cannot replace that. Especially not with a tournament that includes Team World and the Young Guns.
  3. Some people are bothered by the idea of the European All Star team, Ryder Cup team World style. I’m totally okay with this actually. Makes it more competitive and when players like Anze Kopitar and Marion Gaborik were asked earlier this season, they were on board as well. Mark Streit, not so much.
  4. The North American Young Guns Under-23 Team. This sucks for a bunch of reasons that I will get into in a separate post. Mainly though, the gimmicky nature of it combined with the NHL’s awkward push of all things gimmicky and awful. Like the out of touch parent buying clothes for himself/herself to feel young.

“Woah, look how super radical these purple and neon green uniforms are dude!”

It kinda sucks to job out Slovakia and Switzerland like that, but neither has the ability to put together a team of 23 solely NHL players. Team World looks pretty good though.

Vanek Kopitar Gaborik
Zuccarello Grabovksi Hossa
Boedker Nielsen Tatar
Raffl Girgensons Jurco
Hansen Eller
Chara Ehrhoff Andersen
Seidenberg Sekera Halak
Streit Josi Hiller
Viznovsky Marincin

All that said, I’d really rather just play a seven team tournament: Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Euro All Stars.

  • Cut the Young Guns.
  • Every team plays each other once for a total of 6 games in the round robin.
  • First place gets a quarter final bye, seed two through seven normally like you would for a playoff (2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5). Continue a one game playoff until the finals.
  • Then cap it with the best-of-three series for the trophy. This would make for a maximum of a 11 game tournament.

But I’m just a guy on the internet and not a stuffy old guy NHL owner/board member who likes to cry about “integrity of hockey” and then approves something that undermines the integrity of best-on-best international hockey.


Everything Wrong With The “Young Guns” Idea In The NHL World Cup

So the NHL has decided to announce plans for the NHL World Cup that will happen every four years in September starting in 2016. This is their answer to soccer’s FIFA World Cup.

Credit where credit is due, it is a pretty neat concept overall. The more top-notch hockey played the more better for growing the sport. I’m far less traditional than a lot of people when it comes to ideas and having fun with the sport.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

But I hate the Young Guns team, or the Under-23 Young NHL Stars of North America team. Or the YUNG GUNZ or whatever.

It just reeks of NHL gimmickiness. Like remember the guardians? Or the Fox glow puck?

To start, I dread the uniform design. I’m a uniform junkie. I love when they look spiffy and traditional. But I see the NHL going “All Star” for this. Neon green and purple? Teal and orange? Glow paint splash rave style? Gotta be young and hip! Rad stuff dude.

Then there comes the roster. I put this together, rather unofficially as I could not find a reliable complete resource for U-21 NHL players, as the current players that will still be eligible come the start of the tournament in 2016.

Young Guns
Galchenyuk MacKinnon Gaudreau
Drouin Strome Monahan
Huberdeau Horvat Wilson
Ekblad Reilly NONE
Trouba Jones NONE
Hamilton NONE  

Granted if it were to be this year, players like Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Ryan Johansen, Nick Bjugstad and Jacob Trouba would be eligible to help fill it out, among a collection of other mediocre NHL talents that form a “huh?” of bit part players. Heaven forbid any of the small pool of players is rehabilitating and injury of the summer and has to withdraw.

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All the Americans reading this will appreciate this video, Canadians should take note.

Yes most American’s are extremely patriotic, sometimes too much so. However,  I have found the lack of respect for other country’s national anthems, in the “most polite” country in the world, a bit appalling .  As an American, I was taught to use the national anthem as a time to reflect, revere, remember,  and to be thankful for everyone who has fought defending our country and making it free. Now of course there are places like the Chicago Blackhawk games were the fans put their own twist on the anthem by getting loud and proud or at Dallas Stars games where people yell “Stars” when it hits that word in the lyrics. However, as a personal general rule of thumb I try to treat other country’s national anthems with same respect I treat mine.  I hear “Oh Canada!” at every Flames game I go to. I stand, remove my hat, remain silent, and let the Canadians enjoy their anthem however they please.  Maybe it’s just me but I notice when the Flames singer belts out the National Anthem of the United States of America a lot of the fans in attendance of this Canadian hockey game continue talking, laughing, and just not caring about the anthem. Most of the people doing it do so without malice or thought of other Americans in attendance. I think this article and video of Usain Bolt stopping a live interview to show respect to the athlete and their country when their national anthem started playing  during the medal ceremony is AWESOME. I respected him as an athlete before I saw this but I have the utmost respect for him as a person after seeing this.  Canadians and everyone take note, I know it’s not your country’s anthem but it is someone’s country. You should respect their country’s anthem like you respect your own.



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