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It’s nice to see Team Canada Hockey players just wanting to be part of the Canadian olympic team experience.

Pretty cool to see an article that shows that the best hockey player in the world is just trying to fit in with the olympic festivities. Hey maybe Sid can get on Team Canada’s olympic table tennis team as well. Has anyone ever medaled in both the Summer and Winter games?

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All the Americans reading this will appreciate this video, Canadians should take note.

Yes most American’s are extremely patriotic, sometimes too much so. However,  I have found the lack of respect for other country’s national anthems, in the “most polite” country in the world, a bit appalling .  As an American, I was taught to use the national anthem as a time to reflect, revere, remember,  and to be thankful for everyone who has fought defending our country and making it free. Now of course there are places like the Chicago Blackhawk games were the fans put their own twist on the anthem by getting loud and proud or at Dallas Stars games where people yell “Stars” when it hits that word in the lyrics. However, as a personal general rule of thumb I try to treat other country’s national anthems with same respect I treat mine.  I hear “Oh Canada!” at every Flames game I go to. I stand, remove my hat, remain silent, and let the Canadians enjoy their anthem however they please.  Maybe it’s just me but I notice when the Flames singer belts out the National Anthem of the United States of America a lot of the fans in attendance of this Canadian hockey game continue talking, laughing, and just not caring about the anthem. Most of the people doing it do so without malice or thought of other Americans in attendance. I think this article and video of Usain Bolt stopping a live interview to show respect to the athlete and their country when their national anthem started playing  during the medal ceremony is AWESOME. I respected him as an athlete before I saw this but I have the utmost respect for him as a person after seeing this.  Canadians and everyone take note, I know it’s not your country’s anthem but it is someone’s country. You should respect their country’s anthem like you respect your own.



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