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Yakupov is the hero with a late goal to beat the Rangers

Yakupov has had a rough season as many Oiler Fans are throwing around the dirty T word ( trade). Thursday night might have eased those restless fans in Edmonton fans, for a short time anyway.  Nail Yakupov scores late to give the Oilers a win vs the home town Rangers. This gives the Oilers some optimism heading into the Olympic break. See Story Here 

What are your thoughts on Yak and the Oilers? Do you think it would be wise for them to keep him or trade him?


Yakupov is the new Daigle, here is the proof


Many of you are thinking, Yakupov is not Daigle, how could he be a bust after two seasons? All you have to do is compare him with the previous first overalls, MacKinnon, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Tavares, Stamkos, Kane, etc. Yak is not even close in goals, assists, or any other significant stats category and then look at Daigle’s.

When you have the first over all pick, you better pick the best available player, shouldn’t you? Even if you do not have a need for that position, skill trumps need every time. It appears that of the 2012 draft the best player available is Tomas Hertl, He is nearly a point a game guy with SJ, while Yak is 0.5 points a game at best. At least Daigle was a 0.67 a game in his first two seasons.

The funny thing is, the Flames could have had Hertl all to themselves, instead they got Jankowski and Sieloff. Somehow two for one does not seem such a great deal after all.


Oiler’s owner throws in towel, writes letter to fans

With more than 30 games to go, Daryl Katz has thrown in the towel. In an open letter to Oiler fans on the team’s website Katz wrote “I know this will almost certainly be the eighth consecutive year since we made the playoffs”.

The good news apparently, the rebuild did not start till they drafted Hall 4 years ago. The previous 4 years were merely, mediocrity.

Katz is “all in” with Lowe and MacTavish at the helm, he asks for patience from Oiler fans. “If we’re going to rebuild, we want to do it right and we only want to do it once” says Katz. The mantra is, stay the course, do not press the panic button. Do you believe that the Oilers are on the right path and that they will be successful in year X down the road once the oil change is complete?

Katz also defended Lowe, saying that Lowe is god’s gift to hockey because “He is consistently chosen, year after year, to play a leadership role with Hockey Canada”. Flash news, Hockey Canada hasn’t done much in the last few years since the Olympics.

So, the question is, do you believe that doing more of the same with the same people will get your team success at some point in the near future (not like the Leafs near, distant, future of winning the cup in 3067)?

Let’s hear it.