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Canmore May Long Draft Tourney is Open for Registration

Well everyone has been waiting for this…
The May Long Weekend Tradition Continues!
Canmore 2014 – May 16-18th

If you have been then you know how awesome this tournament is. If you have never been, once you come to one you’ll never want to miss another one.  Canmore sells out very quickly so if you’re interested don’t waste any time.  You can register here:


Say I gave you a BILLION dollars … what would you do?


The Oracle of Omaha, a.k.a Warren Buffet will give you 1 billion greenbacks, all you have to do is put together the perfect March Madness bracket. What exactly would be the odds of that?

According to Joe Weisenthal, of Business Insider – “The odds of a perfect bracket being picked is 1 in 9.2 quintillion. A quintillion is a billion billion. So everyone on earth could fill out millions of brackets each, and there probably wouldn’t be anyone to hit the prize.

Stranger things have happened, lets assume for a minute there is someone that does by the luck of the draw put a perfect bracket together. Lets say it is you. What would you do with a billion and can anyone really comprehend how much money that is?

As it happens to be, Warren, is worth 58B and change. This means he would be giving away 1.7% of his wealth to you. Lets put this in perspective, if you make 60K/year, it would represent $1,020. Not to mention that the prize money would be insured anyway, so Warren won’t have to pay a dime out of his pocket.

In other words, this is pocket change for Mr. Buffet but the stunt is priceless, isn’t it?