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Would you risk a kidney to see Canada beat Russia at home?


This is what is at stake starting February 6th. The gold medal contains 0.211 oz of 24K gold, 525 oz of silver, a liter of blood and a pound of flesh. Russia will be tough at home, but do they have the best team?

Led by Pavel Datsyuk, the Russian roster boasts 15 NHLers and 10 KHLers.

Varlamov no doubt will start as the number one, the best D man is Slava Voynov and that is pretty much the extent of the defensive prowess Russia will have. A trio of Datsyuk, Ovechkin and Malkin will be tough to handle, however the talent level drops off from there.

Russia is definitely coming in as an underdog on its home turf. The team will have a tough time with Sweden, USA and Canada and may not make the gold medal game at all.

What would Putin do if Russia does not medal? Would he set the country ablaze?