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Cute Alert: Jordan Leopold’s Daughter Predicts The Future In Adorable Letter

Jordan Leopold has had himself a pretty nice career. He has managed to hang around the in the NHL for over a decade and he has been a pretty good contributor almost everywhere he goes. After Monday’s NHL trade deadline, he is now onto his 8th team in his career.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

Lucky for him, it appears he went exactly where he was wanted. Not only just by his new team in Minnesota, but by his daughter who wrote this adorable letter to the Wild about trading for her father.

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Just look at this.

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To be honest, I think this girl could make a better GM than a whole lot of the guys in the NHL right now. That was quite the sell job she did for her father.

Who knows what would have happened if they did not make the trade. Would she have been making people in Minnesota bite the curb?


Maple Leaf Fan Kills Chivalry: Throws His Wife’s Jersey On The Ice

During Monday’s loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, where the Toronto Maple Leafs got embarrassed on home ice, one fan decided he has had enough of the putrid display of hockey and took to throwing a sweater on the ice, during play, to make a statement.

If you were unaware, the latest and hottest way to protest your favourite team being bad is to throw a sweater of theirs on the ice, unless you’re an Oilers fan in which you do that and then go take out dueling newspaper ads praising or poo-pooing the team.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

Originally posted on Talking Baws

The funny part of this ordeal is that the Leaf fan in question threw his wife’s sweater onto the ice instead of his own, because his Wendel Clark sweater is nicer. Did I mention that it was his wife’s first NHL game? You can read more on the story here on CBS Sports.

You go, man. Way to make a statement.

I have two thoughts on the idea personally:

1. For the fan, I understand it. You could have easily spent $600 on this evening to get a terrible product that everyone on earth can see is incompetent but those with the power to directly affect change. I get it, but I feel like you probably have already replaced said sweater with a brand new one with lettering and numbering and everything to total it up at $270-$300. Kinda defeats the purpose of your protest.

2. For the team and players that defend the sanctity of such an action, shut up.

That basically sums it up. “The logo is sacred. That is why we change it all the time so we can sell new merchandise every time and rake in all the dollars. That pair of branded Oilers boxers covered in the sacred logo you stuffed your sweaty junk and butt into? Sacred and never disrespect it.”


NHL Week 5 Panic Rankings

It’s week 5 of the NHL season. You know what that means, 10 more reasons to panic. But which is the most panicking panic? Is the the Oilers (making their fifth appearance)? Is it butt goals? What about Sean Avery temper tantrums or the NHL making huge mistakes and ruining good things? Find out below!

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

10. Ben Scrivens’ Helmet

Its a pretty passive-aggressive way to lash out at your team for not being very good.

(But in all honesty its actually a totally great, awesome thing he’s doing to help raise awareness/funding for mental health issues. You can read about it here. I’m gonna continue giving the ten-spot to something actually non-panicky and totally awesome)

9. The Canucks

The California road trip was supposed to prove if this team could play with the big boys or not. And well, the answer is “I don’t think so.”

They beat the #Shorks, but didn’t look very good in doing so. They got stomped by a shorthanded Kings team in pretty embarrassing fashion. Managed to beat the Ducks, without Corey Perry, in a shootout.

Conclusion: Well, if they get all-world goaltending they have a chance, otherwise they look good enough to not be horrible but not really good. But hey, banking points is always a good thing unless you’re gonna Buffalo.

8. Department OPlayer Safety

We’re up to 8, excluding Slava Voynov, out of nowhere, and a handful of “probably should have been suspended but whatever I guess”.

It is encouraging to see that there are no more 1 game suspensions for flagrantly dirty hits. The going rate seems to be 2-3 games now, which is a good thing. A lot of these dumbass plays should start at 3 and probably be up to 6 or 7 games.

Guys might actually think twice before putting their elbow through someones skull, or letting up before they paralyze someone into the boards.

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NHL Week 4 Panic Rankings

The panic is really starting to seep in. Injuries, losing streaks, Twitter. It keeps going and going.  We’re in week four now of relentlessly panicking over everything that is humanly possible in the NHL.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

Lets jump in!

10. The Devils won a shootout

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The Devils won a shootout for the first time since March of 2013. Over that span, they had gone 0-18 over 18 months. When I heard about this I double checked to see if water was still wet.

9. Mike Smith being bad

He, of this and this, is not playing very good at all. Almost like he was primarily the product of a strong defensive system and has otherwise been a league average or worse goaltender in his career and has been regressing every season.

Its too bad for the Coyotes, as they look poised to lose another 24 million dollars this season.

8. Oilers

You’re doing this to your fans (whether it is a media alternate account or not, it captures the fan base pretty good right now).  Side note: The Eastern Conference sucks. Edmonton is 18-14-4 against Eastern Conference teams under Dallas Eakins as compared to 15-34-6 vs the West.

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Winnipeg Jets v Florida Panthers

NHL Week 3 Panic Rankings

Its time for the third week of the illustrious NHL Panic Rankings. We’re starting to get into injuries, and we’re seeing some trends emerge from teams. So which are panic worthy? I wish I could expand the list, but I’m going to hold firm at 10.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

10. Honouring the fallen Canadian soldieraNY3bTU

No panic here, but I wanted to get this on the list and put it in a position that everyone would see it. What the Penguins did was terrific. And then the tribute on Hockey Night in Canada where the anthem was synchronized across Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal on Saturday night was very touching.

Its a great thing to see all the support at home and coming in from other parts of the world.

9. The Dallas Stars defence

The biggest concern for the Stars this year was whether their defence could hold up over the course of a season. Well, so far not so good. Patrick Nemeth, while a rookie, was logging decent minutes and he’s out for the season.

Goligoski/Daley, Dillon/Benn, Oleksiak/Connauton/Gonchar is not the greatest group of defenceman you could have to handle the big boy teams in the Western Conference.

Not helping is the fact their their backup goaltender, Anders Lindback, has only stopped 1147 of 1282 shots he’s faced in the last 3 seasons for a .895 save percentage. 15-20 points lower than league average.

Jeff Petry! Dustin Byfuglien! Other out of favour really good defenceman! Come on down!

8. Colorado Avalanche

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Coach says “We don’t compete hard enough! That’s why we aren’t winning!” Not blaming it on the fact that his team is bad and slow and not very talented and never has the puck.

I see a team in Colorado that competes just fine. Those players work their bags off. But those players aren’t a great collection of players with uncertain goaltending, a slow defence and a forward group severely lacking in bottom six players.

“Compete” doesn’t solve those issues.

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John scott goal

NHL Week 2 Panic Rankings

I still think it is too early for power rankings, so I won’t do them. But in sports, it is never too early to panic! There are some real things worth panicking over in the NHL right now.

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

10. The Boston Bruins

Things are getting better but there is still some cause for concern, as in they are not being good at hockey. They may be only a 10th of the way into the season, but it is important to get points early and 6 through 7 games is not good enough. The forwards are out of sync. The defence misses Seidenberg’s knee and Johnny Boychuk. At least they beat up on Buffalo.

9. Calm people 

Everyone has let up on making their sweeping generalizations after 2 games. Where is the fun in that? Don’t let reality set in people. Reality and being sensible is way too boring.

8. Touchy Feely Referees Embedded image permalink

They’re being right up front with it now, which is an improvement over last week.

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Dallas Stars And Dude Perfect Team Up For Sick Trick Shots

If you’ve been following the NHL for any amount of time then you’re well aware that Dallas Stars‘ players Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are two of the most skilled and dominant at their positions. But if you need any further proof or their talents, then Dude Perfect is here with the stars of the Stars performing some incredible hockey themed trick shots!

By: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

From the ice to the baseball diamond, these guys are good.

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Week 1 NHL Panic Rankings

Its too early for power rankings. If you’re doing power rankings after 2 games you’re getting ahead of yourself. How do you really know who is the best and who is the worst? Or the most “powerful”? The first place team in the NHL is the Montreal Canadiens with 6 whole points. Lets give it some time and do the panic rankings instead!

You won’t make the playoffs in October, but you can miss them.

by: Adam Pyde - @Adam_Pyde

Welcome to the Panic rankings. I’m going to do my best to make this into a weekly feature where I focus on 10 teams/players/happenings in the NHL and rank them on the panic scale.

Warning: Humour and Hot Takes follow.

10. New York Rangers

First Derek Stepan breaks a fibula. Now Dan Boyle breaks his hand. A team that won because of their depth last year has had that very aspect depleted. They got rocked by the Leafs 6-3. Lucky for them they are in the worst division in hockey and can keep themselves above water on that fact alone.

9. Edmonton Oilers

They’re bad again. Lost the first game of the season. Sweater thrown on the ice. Lose to Vancouver. The defense is C+ and they for whatever reason put their best left handed defenceman in the AHL for one bad pre-season game. That Nikitin contract, oof. Good luck against an actual big boy team.

8. People who watched Chicago-Dallas on Thursday night
(Click here for highlights)

That game might have been the fastest regular season game ever. I lost weight just watching it. That game was being played on such a different level than any others that night it made the rest of the NHL games look like AHL contests.

7. In-arena reporters

You gotta be careful now. The fans are coming for you! You’re under attack! The Russians have come and they’re attacking in Columbus! And in Philadelphia they’re getting touchy. Just trying to convince you to let your guard down. Might be time to invest in some bear mace.

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