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Yakupov is the new Daigle, here is the proof


Many of you are thinking, Yakupov is not Daigle, how could he be a bust after two seasons? All you have to do is compare him with the previous first overalls, MacKinnon, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Tavares, Stamkos, Kane, etc. Yak is not even close in goals, assists, or any other significant stats category and then look at Daigle’s.

When you have the first over all pick, you better pick the best available player, shouldn’t you? Even if you do not have a need for that position, skill trumps need every time. It appears that of the 2012 draft the best player available is Tomas Hertl, He is nearly a point a game guy with SJ, while Yak is 0.5 points a game at best. At least Daigle was a 0.67 a game in his first two seasons.

The funny thing is, the Flames could have had Hertl all to themselves, instead they got Jankowski and Sieloff. Somehow two for one does not seem such a great deal after all.


Your team won the Stanley Cup last, when?


Whether you are a Flames, Oilers, Canucks, Jets, Senators, Habs or dare we say Leafs fan, it has been a tough slug. Last time any Canadian team to win anything were the Canadiens, and that was in 1993, which is more than 20 years ago, if you care to do the math.

We used to blame the lack of success on the weak Canadian dollar, the size of the Canadian markets and so on. None of these conditions are present and still no Canadian NHL franchise has won the cup recently. Yes the Flames in 03-04 came close, so did the Oilers, Senators and the Canucks, but close does not count, does it?

So what is it that is preventing our dearly beloved NHL teams from lifting Lord Stanley’s mug in June? Hockey used to be Canada’s game. Others are catching up and surpassing not only in the NHL, but on the world stage as well.


Why did Hartley poke the bear, and let the fallout ensue on Saturday?

No one yet has asked the question, why did Bob Hartley do it? Why did he poke the bear?


Let’s consider the collective mindset of the Flames organization. Pugnacity and truculence are now the key words, which lead one to believe these words may now define the identity of the team. An identity, any identity is better than no identity, isn’t it? When you are reduced in skill, the default is to step up the violence. The Broadstreet Bullies were not the most talented team, but they sure were the meanest and most violent.

On the other hand the Canucks were on the receiving end last time, courtesy of Brian McGrattan’s elbow to Andrew Alberts’ head. For which by the way there was no supplementary discipline from the NHL. Grats got a 5 minute major for elbowing and Alberts was sent to the sidelines with a concussion.

Perhaps it much simpler than that, perhaps, Mr. Hartley thought retaliation from the Canucks was due, for previous indiscretions, and that is why he started his 4th line of tough guys on the road, which then left no other choice for Torts.

At any rate, violence begets violence. Torts lost his mind, Hartley turtled. He surely did not expect the Tortorcano to erupt so abruptly and violently, spilling into his own dressing room.

And now for the fallout. The NHL clearly does not want to go back to the days of the Broadstreet Bullies, therefore it must send a message to everyone watching and the message is, NHL is a family brand. The degree of violence displayed on Saturday by both teams can not and will not be tolerated.

Tortorcano got a 15 day (6 game) suspension, and Harltey, fined 25K. If Hartley did nothing wrong, the NHL would not have fined him. Clearly, in the eyes of the NHL, there was intent to instigate and incite violence by the Flames coach. The bottom line, the NHL is saying, this is not who we are (or at least this is not who we want to be seen as).

Did both coaches deserve what they got? Not enough? Share your thoughts.


Torts tries to get into Flames dressing room only to be rebuffed by Grats

What is this madness?! So much for players policing themselves and the code! The only two guys not ejected after all this, guess who, McGrattan and Sestito.

HNIC comments. Does Torts get suspended?

Tortorella post game comments below:

Torts: “It shouldn’t be in the game, but I have to protect my team”.

And this is what Bob Hartley had to say about the game and his decision to start the guys he started. Do you think he is being sincere about why he started the guys he started?

Hartley: “Suddenly I lift my head and there he was …”

What do you think about all this? Is this the kind of hockey you like and wish to watch, or?


Is This What Broke Feaster’s Back?


”I’ve just seen the guy who’s going to be – 10 years from now – he’s going to be talked about as the best player in this draft.”  said former Flames GM, Jay  Feaster

‘He’s Joe Nieuwendyk.’ according to Weisbrod (also let go as a package, with Feaster)

Looks like going off the map was a “bit” of a bust. Therefore, the price was paid by the two guys that publicly wore the decision to do so.

Will Jankowski make the Flames in the next 10 years, what do you think?