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Referee Seems Pretty Drunk; Spins In Circles; Dances

Being an official in any sport isn’t easy. You don’t have any friends. Both teams hate you. Fans make fun of you. You’re the go-to scapegoat. In hockey, the rink is cold because ice. So it’s understandable that you’d relax with a few beverages.

This referee however, looks like he hit the bottle a little early. As in before, and possibly during the game, early.

Check the video over at Talking Baws

Here are some GIF highlights. (They aren’t loading properly for some reason. Click them for the full GIF experience)

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GIF: Partially Blind Soccer Fan Offers Linesman His Stick After Blown Offside Call

This soccer fan obviously has a good sense of humour.

Makes me wish we could see better interactions like this between hockey fans and officials!

Which reminds me of Kamloops Blazers mascot Digger and how when the ref would make a bad call, he would walk up to the glass with his mascot head turned backwards and flail is arms about.

The fan appears to be partially blind but, after the linesman makes the wrong offside call during Everton‘s 3-1 win at Craven Cottage, he sarcastically offers his walking stick to the official.

The linesman obviously doesn’t take him up on the offer but at least he sees the funny side of it.

Story courtesy of Talking Baws


Hockey Players Pretend To Fight; Decide To Hug And Drink Beer On The Ice Instead

Whether it should be legal or not, fighting is a part of hockey. Two guys square up to punch each other in the face for the reason of “because” usually. However, two players in the FHL took the the purpose of fighting to a whole new level when instead of punching, they hug and drink beer together on the ice.

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Can Iggy get 30 goals this season? BUMP HE DID IT!!!!

Iggy hit 30 goals tonight. Thats 12 x 30 goal seasons. Congrats IGGY!

As a Flames fan it is still hard to watch Jarome Iginla don another team’s jersey. Yes I am excited that the youngsters are getting to play in Calgary but it’s almost like when your childhood hero retires (in my case Chipper Jones). It just makes you feel sad and old ( maybe old is the wrong word) because of all the time and memories you had watching a franchise player but now he’s gone. Nonetheless , Iggy has started his patented spring heat up in Boston and is on pace (ish) to get to that 30 goal mark again. He has 11 straight 30 goal seasons ( not counting the lock out season)  Can he do it?  He is 10 goals away. As a Flames fan I’m rooting for him. IGGY IGGY IGGY!


Top 10 Tuesday: Best Goalie Masks

Unlike players, goalies have the ability to design their own equipment from the color and design on their pads, glove, and blocker to the painted design on their mask. NHL goalies have unlimited creative opportunity when it comes to painting their masks and this post is dedicated to the best ones:

10. Mike Richter:


A simple, yet awesome design resides on Richter’s mask who was a Ranger his entire career.

9. Ilya Bryzgalov:


Bryz waited a long time for his Oiler’s mask because he had to wait for his children to finish their artwork so he could put it on each side of his mask. Though he hardly got to wear the mask before he was traded, including his children’s artwork was both classy and creative.

8. Victor Fasth:


The Anaheim Ducks paid tribute to the original Mighty Ducks in 2013 and Fasth rocked this epic throwback mask. Kind of makes a person wish the Ducks were still the Mighty Ducks.

7. Yann Danis:


Though he didn’t play many games with the Oilers, Danis wore a mask that paid tribute to the former dynasty players of the Oilers. The mask features Gretzky, Messier, and Grant Fuhr.

6. Gerry Cheevers:


After being struck in the mask by a puck at practice Cheevers drew black stitches where the puck had hit. He continued in this fashion creating one of the most memorable goalie masks of all times.

5. Ken Wregget:


Playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Wregget chose the penguin from Batman Returns to be featured on his mask.

4. Carey Price:


Price rocked this creepy, yet unforgettable mask during the 2011 Heritage Classic. The mask, featuring Price’s hair and ears on the sides was a tribute to Jacques Plante who’s mouth and eyes are featured on the front.

3. Andrew Raycroft:


Raycroft’s classy Toronto Maple Leaf’s mask pays tribute to important past Leaf players.

2. Tukka Rask:


Somewhat reminiscent of Cujo’s masks, Rask showcases a ferocious bear with a unique image of its claws on the Bruin’s logo. Paired with the gold cage, it’s hard not to love this epic design.

1. Curtis Joseph (Cujo):


Courtesy of his nickname “Cujo”, Joseph showcased a depiction of a ferocious dog based on a Stephen King novel on each of his masks.