All the Americans reading this will appreciate this video, Canadians should take note.

Yes most American’s are extremely patriotic, sometimes too much so. However,  I have found the lack of respect for other country’s national anthems, in the “most polite” country in the world, a bit appalling .  As an American, I was taught to use the national anthem as a time to reflect, revere, remember,  and to be thankful for everyone who has fought defending our country and making it free. Now of course there are places like the Chicago Blackhawk games were the fans put their own twist on the anthem by getting loud and proud or at Dallas Stars games where people yell “Stars” when it hits that word in the lyrics. However, as a personal general rule of thumb I try to treat other country’s national anthems with same respect I treat mine.  I hear “Oh Canada!” at every Flames game I go to. I stand, remove my hat, remain silent, and let the Canadians enjoy their anthem however they please.  Maybe it’s just me but I notice when the Flames singer belts out the National Anthem of the United States of America a lot of the fans in attendance of this Canadian hockey game continue talking, laughing, and just not caring about the anthem. Most of the people doing it do so without malice or thought of other Americans in attendance. I think this article and video of Usain Bolt stopping a live interview to show respect to the athlete and their country when their national anthem started playing  during the medal ceremony is AWESOME. I respected him as an athlete before I saw this but I have the utmost respect for him as a person after seeing this.  Canadians and everyone take note, I know it’s not your country’s anthem but it is someone’s country. You should respect their country’s anthem like you respect your own.



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  1. Article written by an American about how Americans are better than everyone else at something. There’s a shocker. For people who haven’t read this sad attempt to attract hits to the NCHL blog I’ll shorten it down for you. Author is American, pats himself on the back for awhile about how respectful he is and for not talking during the Canadian national anthem at a Flames game he went to once, and goes on to generalize all Canadians as having “lack of respect for other country’s national anthems”, even calling it “appaling”. I’m guessing that one drunk dude yelled “LETS GO FLAMES” at a pause in the American national anthem or something because all the times I’ve been to the dome 99% of the crowd shuts up until both national anthems are done. He also goes on to talk about the Blackhawks and Stars for no apparent reason then posts a video of Usain Bolt pausing an interview for a national anthem (the American one of course), which is admirable, but doesn’t serve to prove his point. The author tries to seem very neutral using phrases like “maybe it’s just me” but the whole thing reeks of American pride while also scolding ALL Canadians because of what happened to this one guy at a Flames game. “Maybe it’s just me” but this is one of the dumbest articles I have ever read and is clearly an attempt to get people to argue over Facebook. Well mission accomplished. I would normally be embarrassed about writing a reply this long on Facebook but I can’t read a baseless and idiotic attack on the character of my city and Country and not say something. I am however embarrassed to play for, and follow the Facebook page of a league that would post something like this. I guarantee I’m not the only one.

    1. So your opinion is the only one that matters? There are many people who post things for the NCHL FB and the feed. To attack someone who posts their opinion about something that matters to them by calling it the dumbest article you have every read and idiotic usI sounds very classless. Then to generalize a whole group (the league) for letting it be posted is pretty much the same thing you are accusing the author of.

    2. I don’t recall saying my opinion was the only one that matters but that would actually be a good title for the article in question. Second, when you post something from a brand (NCHL), you generalize yourself and it is inferred that the thoughts and opinions expressed in what is posted are the thoughts and opinions of the brand, or at least approved by the brand. A good example is how you chose to argue with me from behind the NCHL brand, instead of your own personal login. Since we don’t know who you actually are, we have to assume that your post is the opinion of the whole NCHL. See how that works? Third, I didn’t say that the author was dumb or idiotic I said that the article was. The author could be the smartest, coolest guy in the world but we all do dumb things sometimes. Look at me, I’m arguing with a logo. That’s pretty dumb.

    3. I am pretty sure the post on the let’s you know who the author is that posted the article. He isn’t hiding behind NCHL brand to post his article. I am sure it’s his opinion and he doesn’t mind sharing it (since he posted the article). The moral of the post/blog/article was for everyone to respect every other country’s national anthem like it was their own. The poster simply used the American anthem ( since he is American) and his experiences in Canada to write the post.

    4. I think you need to re-read my post, I didn’t accuse him of hiding behind the brand, I accused you of hiding behind the brand and explained why it is not a good idea.

    1. Thanks Tim, The author of the article wasn’t saying American’s were perfect. He was showing an example of how everyone should respect other’s national anthem’s. The author is obviously American but he realizes there are plenty of Americans that don’t even respect their own anthem. He was by no means dis-respecting Canadians. Just using his personal experiences to write a small blog post.

    2. The point was well received for sure, the only part I didn’t like was when the author tells Canadians to take notes. Very classy move by Usain, great to see!

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