Bizare Injuries Almost Force Florida Panthers To Play Two Forwards As Goaltenders

History was almost made in the NHL tonight as Florida Panthers’ forwards Scottie Upshall and Derek MacKenzie were almost both forced into action as emergency replacement goaltenders. Why? Well, if both of a team’s goaltenders suffer injuries in the same game, the team has an option of dressing a roster skater as an in-game emergency replacement goaltender.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

That’s right. Both Florida Panther’s goaltenders were injured in the same game.

I would never wish an injury on a player. Injuries suck. But this is a moment that I waited my entire life as a hockey fan to see and I could not have been more excited.

After Al Montoya left with injury, both Scottie Upshall and Derek MacKenzie were sent into the dressing room during a rare injury time-out just 26 seconds into the third period.

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Breaking Down The Biggest Trades Of The NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL trade deadline has officially passed. It helped to cap off a pretty eventful week of player movement that involved some expected, surprising and truly shocking trades. So why were some of these trades made? Which trades were good? What about the bad trades? Hint: The answer is below.

By: Adam Pyde  - @Adam_Pyde

Toronto Maple Leafs: Nathan Horton
Columbus Blue Jackets: David Clarkson

This is a big deal. Mainly because David Clarkson is at best a middling 3rd line player, and quite honestly more closely resembles a fourth liner, and he makes 5.2 million dollars against the cap for another 5 years. Horton is a very good winger that has a back injury that has forced him into unofficial retirement. It is almost a certainty that he will not play again considering the doctor’s advice was “wheelchair by age 45 or never play again” basically.

So the Leafs got out of an impossible contract hell because Columbus could not spare the cash to pay someone not to play because they could not get Horton’s contract insured because of his injury history. It’s the kind of move I’ve been tremendously surprised that the Leafs have yet to exercise more often considering the Leafs have like a kajillion dollars in annual revenue. The Leafs make out real well here getting 5+ million in cap relief.

As for the Jackets, meh. I guess they made the best of a bad situation. Unfortunate for them that it came to this.

Philadelphia Flyers: Radko Gudas, first round pick, third round pick
Tampa Bay Lightning: Braydon Coburn

I like it when team’s make trades where both of them do well.

The Bolts load up their defence and now have easily the best six defenders in the Eastern conference. Coburn is also signed for another season at a very reasonable $4.5 million dollar cap hit. So now in Tampa, this is the defence:


That will alleviate any qualms they may have in net.

For Philly, they pick up a warm body in Radko Gudas who, while strong as a bull, is not very good at hockey. The real prize is the draft picks as this can allow the Flyers to try to make a few moves at the deadline for roster players, or attempt a quick little two-year rebuild.

Edmonton Oilers: Second round pick, conditional fifth round pick
Montreal Canadiens: Jeff Petry

Hab’s GM Marc Bergevin is a genius. He absolutely robbed the Oilers blind here. If you could acquire a #3 defenceman for some spare picks you do it. Petry can play all over the lineup and since he isn’t on a tire fire of a team he will probably look a lot better. He was asked to do too much as the Oilers defacto #1 but as a second pairing player he can be excellent.

In Edmonton, this either says how little of an asset manager GM Craig MacTavish is, or just how bad the rest of the Oilers defence is viewed by the rest of the league if this was the best offer for their #1 defenceman.

Or both. He painted himself into a corner with Petry, who is good, and this was all he could do considering how poorly he mangled the rest of the defence.

Either way, its embarrassing to be an Oiler fan with this man making the decisions. Many lesser players went for more on the trade market. I think this can officially mark the beginning of Rebuild 3.0

Boston Bruins: Brett Connolly
Tampa Bay Lightning: Second round picks in 2015 and 2016

Vancouver Canucks: Sven Baertschi
Calgary Flames: Second round pick in 2017

Why are these trades together? Because I wanted to make note of something I think is smart. If you are going to pay up future considerations in any kind of significance or quantity, you could do a lot worse than this.

What is this? Spending a couple of draft picks to acquire former top prospects that still have potential. Not 27-year-old “prospect” potential. But 22-year-old young player who still has potential to be a good contributor.

It is something the Canucks have done a few times now, actually, with previous trades of a 2nd round pick for Linden Vey and a prospect for Adam Clendening.

What you essentially do is just speed up the maturation process of your picks. Will it always pay off? No. But its more likely to do so than some picks you’re waiting 4-6 years on.

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So what do you think? Any big winners or losers I missed? What about how wrong I am? Make sure to let me know.


Cute Alert: Jordan Leopold’s Daughter Predicts The Future In Adorable Letter

Jordan Leopold has had himself a pretty nice career. He has managed to hang around the in the NHL for over a decade and he has been a pretty good contributor almost everywhere he goes. After Monday’s NHL trade deadline, he is now onto his 8th team in his career.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

Lucky for him, it appears he went exactly where he was wanted. Not only just by his new team in Minnesota, but by his daughter who wrote this adorable letter to the Wild about trading for her father.

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Just look at this.

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To be honest, I think this girl could make a better GM than a whole lot of the guys in the NHL right now. That was quite the sell job she did for her father.

Who knows what would have happened if they did not make the trade. Would she have been making people in Minnesota bite the curb?