Oil Kings Big Win….

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The Oil Kings are Memorial Cup Champions for the first time since 1966. However, the history of the team has a compelling story of the years in between.

Hap Emms, the coach of the Niagara Falls Flyers, had just seen his team beat the Edmonton Oil Kings 5-2 in the fifth game of the 1963 Memorial Cup. However, he did not have a smile on his face.

It had been a rough, hard fought series in the Edmonton Gardens; game five being the  bloodiest. Journal columnist Hal Pawson wrote, “It’s gone beyond a joke. Grown men turned hypocrites, players bashing each other in the head, and fans have flipped their lids”.

Oil King Greg Pilling had whacked defenseman Rich Morin over the head with a hockey stick, sending the Flyer to the dressing room with a concussion and a dozen stitches.

Edmonton led the series 3-2 on that night. The list of casualties on the Flyers team injury list was longer than the game 5 scoring summary. Since the series had begun, the Flyers suffered a total of two broken legs, ( to wingers Gary Harmer and Gary Dornhoefer), Bill Glashen and Ron Hergott shared 32 stiches. There were three concussions  and two black eyes spread amongst Don Awrey , George Gardner, and Rich  Morin. Bill Goldsworthy had a torn solar plexus muscle, Terry Crisp was nursing a bad charley horse, and Wayne Maxner was suffering from a rib injury.

“If they want the Cup that badly, let them have it,” Emms growled, “My players can’t go on the way things are going right now and risk the chance of being crippled for life. I don’t want to comment of the refereeing at this point, but I don’t want to return to Edmonton, ever.”

As for Pawson, who had called for a cancellation of the series, all was forgiven when he reflected on the hectic minute of the final game.

“It was a minute of which Edmonton , and all Alberta, can be forever proud. It was an epitome of everything that is wonderful about true sport and sportsmanship.”

I believe the same could be said today; Welcome Home to our champions again, 51 years later.





2nd round

Cup Crazy: NHL Division Finals Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, we are that much closer to finding out who wins the Stanley Cup, or to Brad Marchand the “starley cup.” Its the second round of the NHL playoffs which used to be the conference semi finals, but since the NHL went all college hoops we’re looking at Divisional finals. Still don’t like the ring of it, but I have the 100% factual picks of perfect accuracy for the winners.

I’m coming around on this new format to build “rivalries”, mainly because the more Habs-Bruins and Battles of California we have the better. Hoo boy. WOOOO!

By: Adam Pyde

You should go lock your bets in right after you’re done reading.

Atlantic Division Championship

#1 Boston Bruins vs #3 Montreal Canadiens

The Bruins are easily the best team in the entire Eastern conference. They’ve shown this for a few years now with one Cup win and another finals appearance. They play and impose a pretty Western Conference style of play on the Eastern Conference and it pays off. They should mop the floor with the Canadiens.

But, if there is one team who can beat the Bruins, it is Montreal. There is something about this match-up which causes Boston to usually drop its entire game plan and run around like a bunch of thugs. They play over aggressive and try to fight every Hab player after every hit, and usually find themselves in penalty trouble.

Why does this happen? I have no idea. There is no rational reason. But its one of those things in sports. This is the oldest and most storied rivalry in hockey. It has stood the test of time while others have died. And that gets into the heads of both teams. They both play so differently against each other. Can they hold composure in the playoffs?

I give the advantage to the Bruins at forward as I’ll take their centre ice over almost every team in the NHL. I find myself liking the Habs defence more, but that is only if they don’t play Douglas Murray – who might be the worst defenceman in the NHL to get regular-ish minutes. If Montreal plays him for “toughness” well, goodbye.

You’re not going to beat the Bruins at their own game. Other teams have tried, and failed. The teams that have beat the Bruins play the game their way.

In net the series is a total toss up. Picking between Price and Rask is like choosing between Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima. Picking between a smoked meat sandwich and delicious chowder.

Close your eyes, flip a coin, flail your arms about and when the coin lands freeze. Determine if your arms look more like a big “C” or a big “B”. That’s how I picked.

Bruins in 7

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