NHL could pull all players out of the Olympics, just waiting for the sign before February 9th.

Apparently there are three female suicide bombers on the loose in Russia, one of them is believed to be in Sochi. With recent fears of a terrorist attack at the Olympics, what would it take for the NHL to put the kibosh on player participation?

Terror attack is “very likely” see the video posted by a terrorist group recently.

British government officials believe a Caucasus group that has repeatedly talked of targeting the Sochi games, Imarat Kavkaz (IK), poses a real danger, BBC reports.

Sochi is the most expensive Olympics to date.


Yakupov is the new Daigle, here is the proof


Many of you are thinking, Yakupov is not Daigle, how could he be a bust after two seasons? All you have to do is compare him with the previous first overalls, MacKinnon, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Tavares, Stamkos, Kane, etc. Yak is not even close in goals, assists, or any other significant stats category and then look at Daigle’s.

When you have the first over all pick, you better pick the best available player, shouldn’t you? Even if you do not have a need for that position, skill trumps need every time. It appears that of the 2012 draft the best player available is Tomas Hertl, He is nearly a point a game guy with SJ, while Yak is 0.5 points a game at best. At least Daigle was a 0.67 a game in his first two seasons.

The funny thing is, the Flames could have had Hertl all to themselves, instead they got Jankowski and Sieloff. Somehow two for one does not seem such a great deal after all.


Jagr could have outscored Gretzky, if only he didn’t follow the mighty dollar

With Messier out of the way, Jaromir Jagr is closing in on a huge milestone, scoring 700 goals in the NHL. Only six other players in the history of the league have scored that many goals and it is quite an exclusive company with the likes of Wayne Gretzky (894), Gordie Howe (801), Brett Hall (741), Marcel Dionne (731), Phil Esposito (717) and Mike Gartner (708).

Needing to score only three goals, Jagr will join the 700 club this season, but what could he have achieved if he decided to stay in the NHL instead of getting paid, probably, tax free, playing for Avangard Omsk for four seasons.

2004-2005 – Avangard Omsk KHL
2008-2009 – Avangard Omsk KHL
2009-2010 – Avangard Omsk KHL
2010-2011 – Avangard Omsk KHL

Four season, 82 games per season for a total of 328 possible NHL games.  For the sake of the argument lets say Jagr would have scored 20 goals a season (in 2005-06 he scored 54 for the Rangers), that would net 80 goals to his totals (Jagr is about to score 20 this season with the Devils, already at 16 in 52 games). With eighty additional goals his career goals today would amount to a nice “even” number of 777 on the low range of the spectrum.

Of course he could have averaged 30 goals a season during those 4 years in the K, and that would mean 120 more goals to add, putting Jagr at 817. Good enough for second place behind Gretzky and making him first among European born players.


Could Jagr have challenged the great one himself for the scoring lead? Jaromir is 41 years old and can probably play three or four more seasons, given his conditioning and fitness level.  At 20 goals a season, he just might have caught Gretz. Throw in the two lock out seasons into the mix and he surely could have put on a good race.

What do you think?


Your team won the Stanley Cup last, when?


Whether you are a Flames, Oilers, Canucks, Jets, Senators, Habs or dare we say Leafs fan, it has been a tough slug. Last time any Canadian team to win anything were the Canadiens, and that was in 1993, which is more than 20 years ago, if you care to do the math.

We used to blame the lack of success on the weak Canadian dollar, the size of the Canadian markets and so on. None of these conditions are present and still no Canadian NHL franchise has won the cup recently. Yes the Flames in 03-04 came close, so did the Oilers, Senators and the Canucks, but close does not count, does it?

So what is it that is preventing our dearly beloved NHL teams from lifting Lord Stanley’s mug in June? Hockey used to be Canada’s game. Others are catching up and surpassing not only in the NHL, but on the world stage as well.